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Burma – a photoblog

I met this truck of friendly locals at a temple

‘This is Burma and it is unlike any land you know about’ Rudyard Kipling The famous quote by the well-travelled Mr Kipling sums up Burma (now known as Myanmar) pretty well – it really is unlike any other part of the world I’ve visited. It sits relatively far behind a lot of the rest of Asia in terms of tourism, with plenty of the country still closed off to foreign visitors, and whilst I saw tourists during my month of…

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When to hike Roys Peak

The best time to do Roys Peak! It’s a Baltic winter’s morning in Wanaka; you’re all snuggled in bed, fleecy blanket around the cheeks – then that horrible shriek of the alarm at 4am! I have to be honest,…

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The ultimate Kiwi bucket list

Bonfires on the beach, bungee jumping, interviewing All Blacks, shaking hands with the Prime Minister and coming face to face with wild Kiwis all in the name of the great New Zealand road trip… Follow two New Zealand graduates’…

Three Wise Monkeys, Matsumoto, Japan
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Take a few moments and join me in Japan

Japan – a vibrant, noisy, peaceful, loud, calm, colourful, hectic country. A country that is full of people, but a place where you can still find so much quiet. My travels to Japan took me across the nation, exploring as…

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My top 5 airport hates!

Airports, places that brings people together, from the jet setters, to the business workers, to the crazy hensters and the drinking stags. Some excited, some on a mission, some wiping the tears, other waving with joy, then me, the…

Overlooking Ella from the top of the mighty Ella Rock.
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Sri Lanka must-dos: Ella Rock, rocks!

Elephants casually strolling down the sidewalks, glorious beaches, breathtaking hikes and one of the biggest homes of tea (can you tell I’m British?!) are just a few of the reasons I fell in love with Sri Lanka. This is…