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    Shoes Off: Temples of Thailand

    Buddhist temples in Thailand are far from the only places of religious worship that requires certain etiquette in terms of dress and shoe wear, but this is one make or break to your Thai trip. The weather in Thailand can be oppressively hot and very muggy–the impetus might be to wear as little clothing as decently possible. However, folks, might I remind you that this is not an all-inclusive resort for you to flaunt your sexy bits (you know I love seeing those #confidence…

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    3 Unexpected Beach Vacations

    Make sure you check out my suggestions to have a super awesome day at the beach, and now let’s explore 3 unexpected beach vacations. Other activities and travel might bring you to these…

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    5 Tips for Currency Conversions

    There are plenty of resources out there espousing best practices for changing currencies and using foreign currency. You’ll garner that many think you should arrive in country with cash in hand.…