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    When what you have is enough

    Back in San Francisco, sitting at my coffee table, I can’t help but feel like I blinked and this long-awaited trip to Southeast Asia has gone by without a trace. That’s the funny thing about being in other countries: when you’re in the thick of it, I mean the real grungy parts where you can’t eat without running to the bathroom and you’ve slept in so many hostel bunk beds that you’ve become accustomed to falling asleep to your neighbor’s snores,…

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    Burma – a photoblog

    ‘This is Burma and it is unlike any land you know about’ Rudyard Kipling The famous quote by the well-travelled Mr Kipling sums up Burma (now known as Myanmar) pretty well…

  • Three Wise Monkeys, Matsumoto, Japan
    Asia Travel

    Take a few moments and join me in Japan

    Japan – a vibrant, noisy, peaceful, loud, calm, colourful, hectic country. A country that is full of people, but a place where you can still find so much quiet. My travels…

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    Sri Lanka must-dos: Ella Rock, rocks!

    Elephants casually strolling down the sidewalks, glorious beaches, breathtaking hikes and one of the biggest homes of tea (can you tell I’m British?!) are just a few of the reasons I…

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    Shoes Off: Temples of Thailand

    Buddhist temples in Thailand are far from the only places of religious worship that requires certain etiquette in terms of dress and shoe wear, but this is one make or break to your…

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    Seven Wonders of Ayutthaya

    Ayutthaya is one of my favourite places to visit in Thailand. It has a great selection of historical temples, it’s very easy to navigate and has a great foodie scene. Now…