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Destination Curation: Istanbul, London & 10 foodie countries


Istanbul has long been a city that has fascinated me, it really doesn’t need much to bump it up my list of destinations.  I have a shelf full of books on its history, although nothing really post-1931’ish. So my “current knowledge” is probably quite poor (which I won’t often admit).  That’s why this blog post, by @annaselundberg is one of my favourites of the week.  Anna was fortunate enough to land an invitation to a Dutch-Turkish wedding in Istanbul – it didn’t disappoint. From the Grand Bazaar, to Hagia Sophia, to The Blue Mosque (which is apparently “not particularly blue” – it’s the tiles on its interior that give it the name), Anna takes us on a historical and architectural journey and then to the wedding itself, adorned with a multitude of fezzes and Dutch bonnets!  Plus, you can’t beat that view, straddling Europe and Asia:


Next up is a place close to my heart, as told by through the medium of photography by @RHTog.  There are some genuinely excellent images here so I won’t ruin them with further words on the topic, I’ll let some of Raymond’s photos do the talking.  Check out his Facebook page for more.


Picture  Picture

Finally this week I happened across this gem, by Sarah Rainer. In it, she kindly details 10 countries you have to visit due to their amazing food, nicely combining two of my favourite pastimes – travel and lunch.  As with Raymond it’s a story told through pictures (maybe I wasn’t in the mood for heavy reading this week!) as she moves from Morocco to Mexico, from Italy to Indonesia, Japan to Israel, Greece to Vietnam and Sri Lanka to Spain.  Not a bad curation of destinations at all – I’ll have to step up my game.


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