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I am not lucky !

Haven’t you already got upset because of people boasting how lucky you are ?

That famous “oh you’re so lucky” is litteraly pissing me off ! Do you really think somebody has decided to elect me as the lucky boy, gave me lots of money, all-you-can travel tickets ?

From your sofa, in what you call “real life”, with the only idea, that you should have your carrer, kids, car, house and a dog, you only imagine me as a wealthy guy, wasting time, spending money in all inclusive club hotels… You’re absolutley wrong…

My travel is my life. I’m travelling because this is my way to live my life, looking for myself. Only people like me will understand. Why ? because the common sense our western culture gave us is closing our minds.

Please take off your mind the idea I’m possessing a fancy car, having a huge appartment, paying the bills for my TV, my phone, and working hard to build my career and having my usual 2 weeks holiday in summer.

That’s not the way I’m living, That’s not the way I want to live !

I tried hard to be a sheep, a good soldier, but I realised I got enough, I got bored…I don’t want to spend my days in a office, I don’t want to wake up in the morning and doing the same thing, going on the same way everyday…Working hard for that man I don’t know, I’ve never met, and from who I’m expecting something grateful, that will never happen. Doing the same thing, and expecting diffrent results…that what he called madness.

To be honest, I don’t like working. I’m just doing it because I got no other choice.

When you’re asking me what’s my job back home, I got no answer, because I have no “back home life”.

When you’re asking me How can I afford all of those travels around the world, I just reply I’m working. Any kind, anywhere, I just grab the opportunities. You’ll be impress to see how many opportunities can face to you. Just get off your comfort zone, talk to people, be positive, be curious, don’t be affraid, but be smart.

My dream has always been to travel around the world, walking on the five continents, swimming in the maximum seas and oceans, and surfing in all the oceans, pass the Equator line, meeting the wildlife, living on a island in the Pacific Ocean, meeting Indians in America

I’ve learned to speak many languages, even some of the most unknowns as Tagalog, Creole or Mapundungun.

I’ve passed the Equator line, I’ve been in trouble far away from “home”. That was all the time the begining of some the craziest stories, meetings and adventures of my life.

I’ve been on top of volcanos, in the jungle, in the desert, I’ve built a house, I swam with sea turtle, I’ve been a farmer, a carpenter, a driver, a wildlife volunteer, a hostel manager, and more that I probably forgot.

I haven’t got any fancy clothes, I haven’t got more money than I used to have, I haven’t got a nice car. But I have friends all over over the world, memories for life, I know love can exist everywhere,, I have a different beautiful view every morning, what is priceless…

I left everything to go around the world, and you what ? I’ve nerver been so happy ! Having no adress is the best feeling ever. This is freedom…

I have no idea of how long this will last, what is waiting for me, or what to do tomorrow. Sometimes I’m scared of going in a place I have no idea of how to deal with the culture, the language, wondering if that is a mistake. But…it is the most exciting feeling that can happen to me…Expect nothing, and everything can happen. Plan nothing, and you’ll be open to go everywhere.

So please, get out of your comfort zone, be curious, make your own way, and you’ll be impressed to see how far you can go !


“Be water my friend”.

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