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A Twitter Interview with British Tours

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Let me introduce another one of Concierge99’s talented, interesting and friendly experts: British Tours, Britain’s longest-established private tour operator, who chatted with us over Twitter in the second iteration of our interview series.

The only rules of engagement are to ask and answer questions within the 140 character limit & use the hastag #concierge99 to let others follow along as we chat back and forth over a series of questions on all things that make our experts tick.


I lobbed an easy one to @BritishTours to get started:

@Concierge_99: “Hello to the team @BritishTours! How’s London treating you today? :)”

When they reminded us what cool customers they are, with a supremely-located office right in the centre of central London, in my favourite street no less, so forgive me for gushing in response:

@BritishTours: “@Concierge_99 Hello from Regent Street London!”

@Concierge_99: “Ah, I love that street & the ornate buildings on it <3 Great to have you chatting with us 🙂 Ready for some Qs?”

1st Question 300px x 100px

So we got right into it after that:

@Concierge_99: “Ok, first up: Q1. How long has @BritishTours been in the #travel & #tours business?”

@BritishTours: “British Tours was established in 1958! Here’s an oldie of the early days…#BigBen”


BritishTours pic


To which I had to reply:

@Concierge_99:”Oh wow, well established #London company! What they would think in 1958 of us tweeting back & forth live today! :D”

2nd Question 300px x 100px

@Concierge_99: “Ok, for Q2. Does your team have any special skills when it comes to guiding#tours?”

To which they answered, giving a real insight into how they’ve managed to stay so well-established for so long in a very competitive market:

@BritishTours: “yes they do! Our driver-guides are also handpicked for their personality, academic & professional background”

@Concierge_99: “We constantly hear great things about @BritishTours guides being the best so now I see why!”

3rd Question 300px x 100px

Looking to delve deeper into exactly who is British Tours, I asked:

@Concierge_99: “On to Q3. How would you sum up @BritishTours in 100 characters?”

@BritishTours: “Britain’s longest-established tour operator, offering privately guided tours with expert guides in & out of London & Paris.”

Sounds great to me and with the addition of Paris, such a perfect expansion being so close to London.

4th Question 300px x 100px

@Concierge_99: “Moving on to Q4. What should all travellers to #London know?”

@BritishTours: “Be warned that you’ll want to come back to #London again & again! So much to do and see!”

We agree. We’re getting so many repeat customers looking for information and activities on London, there’s too much to see in just one or even 10 visits!

5th Question blog graphic 300 x 100

To give you all an insight into how great British Tours are, I asked:

@Concierge_99: “Q5. What makes @BritishTours the best tour guides in town? “

@BritishTours: “The guides’ local knowledge & fascinating background: BBC news reader, Scotland Yard detective, published Archaeologist …”

I think that answer speaks for itself, but I continued the conversation with:

@Concierge_99: “Oh wow, that sounds incredible. I bet visitors love meeting them!”

@BritishTours: “Travellers were surprised when a guide got recognised the other day, like a celebrity! :-)”

6th Question blog graphic 300 x 100

We always try to get our experts’ opinions on how the world of travel is looking for them and how they’ve seen it shift in their experience, so I asked:

@Concierge_99: “Q6. So what does @BritishTours feel has changed in touring or #travel in the last few years? Why?”

@BritishTours: “Nowadays people want more unique experiences, more customised, which is exactly what we offer. No standard route!”


@Concierge_99: “We couldn’t agree more. That’s definitely what we look for when visiting new places! Something unique to us :)”

7th Question blog graphic 300 x 100

@Concierge_99: “Looking forward now: Q7. What is going to change #travel and touring in the next few years? Why?”

@BritishTours: “With more and more information available online, travellers will expect more “insider” info & tips from local guide/experts”

@Concierge_99: “We have access to so much now, incl. reviews, so everyone wants to do something different to the guy before! :D”

This is so true. There is a massively reduced demand for ‘cookie-cutter’ holidays where every couple or group sees the same things, stays in the same places and hears from the same guides. We as travellers want a unique experience, a more local, real-life one.

8th Question blog graphic 300 x 100 (1)

@Concierge_99: “Q8. What makes your service ideal for a traveller to London?”

@BritishTours: “Our tours are personal: we take them to see the sites they want, when they want, at their pace, p/up [pick-up] from London hotels.”

@Concierge_99: “It all fits in with a busy traveller’s schedule. Love it.”

9th Question blog graphic 300 x 100

And suddenly it was time for the last question already!

@Concierge_99: “And the last one, just for fun: Q9. Stranded on a desert island – what 3 objects would you take with you? :)”

@BritishTours: “On a desert island we’d bring a British survival kit: tea, scones, umbrella! ;-)”

@Concierge_99: “Haha just the British luck to probably land on a desert island that was rainy and cold :D:D”


And then it was goodbye 🙁

@BritishTours: “Thanks for the interview today. Have a good evening – a grey one here but Regent Street looks pretty!”


Regent Street
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