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Cape Kidnappers New Zealand


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Cape Kidnappers . It’s a 17.5 km hike than can only be done during the low tide, its a 3 hour window. We started the hike at 10:45 but we quickly realized the tide wasn’t as low a it was supposed to be. 

We got to a point where we had to climb over some fallen trees in order not to get wet. 

Found a Shell with hair.   IMG_6414       It’s always nice to have that fresh PPJ with that bread you made it your car.        IMG_6430    The cape was breathtaking      IMG_6411

The landscape looking up was interesting      IMG_6504    Got to love that Rabbit Food  IMG_6502     And them rice crackers with PPJ!! Yummy!  IMG_6500

Weird Plants? Or Animal ? Lol     IMG_6497    Panoramas for Dayz  IMG_6483    When you hungry and poor you cant go wrong with the pb&J lol      IMG_6478

   Got to love that view! IMG_6472  Yummy BP & J !!IMG_6475        Amazing    IMG_6468   Jana found a house.  IMG_6460 Anybody there? lol IMG_6457

IMG_6449  More Panoramas     IMG_6446     IMG_6440  Yum wild apples !!    IMG_6499    Coming up on the end !!IMG_6423

There it is the END!      IMG_6490  Found a shell !!  IMG_6414   This place is so beautiful!!   IMG_6441    LOL this PB & J is amazing.    IMG_6430       IMG_6513      IMG_6508

Thanks for joining me on Cape Kidnappers Hike!!!


Here is the Video!!!



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