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Destination Curation: Annecy, France; Formentera, Spain & Austria

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I spend quite a bit of time reading a variety of articles, blogs and opinions on where to travel, why you should travel there and how to do it right.  Sometimes they are spot on, other times I couldn’t disagree more.  I usually end up a little jealous that they were there – wherever it was.  I couldn’t possibly recount every word I read but what I am going to attempt here is to pick my top three articles, each week or so, and tell you about them so we can all benefit.  It might be my three favourite places, or it might just be a particularly well written piece.  Alternatively it contains a really interesting story.  In any case, I hope it’s entertaining and useful!

First up is a quick look at Annecy, France – in the words of Brooke Saward:  The cutest town in France.  When someone says that, you should take notice.  It’s apparently just a bus ride from Geneva (albeit an hour long one) with trains from Lyon and Paris also available.  Which reminds me, I’m overdue my annual trip to Lyon.

Next up comes Formentera, Spain as published by Devin Friedman in Travel and Leisure. The opening paragraph:

“People get bored on Ibiza.”It’s a truth just as it’s a truth that eventually everyone runs out of cocaine, that eventually dawn finds even the most resolute nightclub, that even fun itself gets boring. (“Fun gets boring” is one of the most terrible vacation truths that travel magazines try to hide from you.) Just open any celebrity tabloid, gaze deeply into Leonardo DiCaprio’s eyes, and you’ll see it staring back at you: even there on the deck of the mega-yacht (because, when in Ibiza, Leo is always on a mega-yacht), even there lashed to a water jet pack, even in the midst of a squirt-gun fight with French supermodel triplets, that nagging question persists like a headache: Is this all there is?”

I couldn’t agree more.  Apparently, Formentera is the smallest inhabited Balearic Island and has something for everyone.  Well most people.  It’s for yachters, it’s for hippies, it’s for sunset cocktails, sunburned nudists, lovers and nightlife (but not quite the kind you’ll find in nearby Ibiza) – the kind of nightlife Hemingway would probably have sought out.  Which will either attract you or it won’t.

Finally, I happened on a review of mouthwatering food in Austria.  Specifically 15 foods you should try as told by @watchmesee.  I’ve been to Austria but I don’t remember writing home about the food.
I clearly made a mistake.  From Knödel (dumplings) to Brettljause (which, admittedly is just a collection of breads, cheeses, meats and pickles – but seriously what more do you want) to Käsekrainer (sausage filled with cheese), rounded off with some Apfelstrudel and a glass or two of Sturm. Sounds like a great day to me.

Thanks to all three writers – they have definitely added three places to my must-see list!  What about you?  Let us know below!

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