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High Heels & Haute Couture in Barcelona


So people are always asking me ‘how’s life in Barcelona?’ so I thought I would share with you all the best-kept secrets of this captivating city. I want to tell you all about the great places you can visit and what to wear.
Barcelona is a great City. If you like your high heels and baby doll dresses, you might be slightly disappointed, since BCN has a slightly more laid back feel to it.  I love casual but I also like classy. In BCN the average Joe would be wearing a T-Shirt, trainers, Jeans and a hoody. I’m talking both men and women alike, but right now I want to tell you about the places that are screaming fashion and style in BCN.


BOCA CHICA! Literally translated, as ‘small mouth’ is luxurious and decidedly hip. This without a doubt has to be one of the most beautiful bars to either enjoy a delightfully, delicious creative cocktail in the lounge bar or to enjoy a more relaxed feel with a Cerveza on the beautiful tropical feel terrace, which doesn’t necessarily give you a great view of the BCN skyline but it is bustling with that party fever. Whichever your seating preference ‘an over the top’ dress code is positively encouraged and appreciated in this specious place to be, any night of the week.
Oozing sophistication, this bar doesn’t stop there. While your enjoying the sumptuous decor or the glamorous scenic views, wait until you have to visit the ladies room. This could possibly be the best room in the entire multiple story lounge and cocktail bar. Decorated with countless, 1950’s style hanging and hand held mirror accessories for you to keep checking you look the part, this room truly has an especially opulent ambiance, where you will also find the mixed toilets hosted by a DJ and fab sound system playing a list of soulful classics from Miguel Migs to Joe Negro. (A Photo booth has now replaced this).The girl’s room is seen as a socialising hot spot for the dressed and the better dressed city slickers not to mention the desperately need-to-go’ers.  You never know which A List stars you might have the chance to be standing next to for that next available cubical.


So now you have heard all about this magical wonderland of sophistication and strictly come elegance. The big question has reared its familiar head and crept upon us once again…as to what to wear?

 The vibe in Boca Chica is a mix of high heels, headscarf’s and a hint of haute couture, prêt-à-porter evening dresses. For the men, if your shirts not on, you’re not coming in. Apart from the decadent feel reflected in the dress code, Boca Chica still has a laid back stamp on it, so if its not your style to be a glamour puss then casual/ smart is also acceptable and welcome. Please remember boys that, this doesn’t mean trainers.
Ok, so not really knowing what could top the beautiful Boca Chica, I went on a mission to try and find something better, if not better than Boca Chica, then something on par and I found different!

Another great venue to visit whist wearing your best party outfit would be OneOcean Club, Port Vell. Here you can enjoy a creative cocktail or follow the BCN trend and order a delicious Gin and Tonic on the terrace. Within close proximity to the most beautiful yachts within the port, this really is a relaxing and elite setting for the most demanding of people. However, this in a members only club and for the individuals that love exclusivity and that special VVIP service. This is a costly place, so expect to pay around 5 euro for a Beer on the terrace. Prices vary from the bar area and terrace. Situated in Barceloneta this is a must see luxury, if you manage to sort out an entry or share a locals name on the membership. We’re in Spain, so trying the name Pedro Sánchez might work at a guess.


Strangely on the OneOcean Club website the guests are asked to be dressed ‘clean and tidy’ Being a member myself I can tell you that the dress code is elegant and dress to stand out. It’s definitely not the place to be seen wearing the same outfit as someone else. Exclusivity is the key to this beautiful lounge bar, terrace and fine dining restaurant.

Another majestic venue for you to explore and be stylish in is Eclipse. This is the name of this luxurious Roof top Bar, situated on the 26th floor of the W Hotel.  The spectacular setting over the Mediterranean has views over the city of Barcelona and makes this place one of the top elite places to visit while your here on that weekend city break to one of the best places to visit in the world.


I have to say for the money you pay for the drinks, it could do with a much needed revamp to it’s decor, as it looks slightly dated with inspiration from the 80′s. Missed opportunities can be seen of the high rise seats, to which you can’t actually see the beautiful sea view.  Either way, despite the furnishings this still has to be one of the most presumptuous places to be seen wearing high heels. Girls, it’s time to get out that most extravagant dress you have in your wardrobe that you love but never had the chance to wear. Now’s the time for glamour, glossy and gorgeous and leave the casual and cheap for another weekend.


What ever your night, enjoy it!  You’re in Barcelona!!!!!

And if you’re on your first date at one of these excitingly fabulous nights out girls, before freeing up your weekend for him, don’t forget to read my blog on ‘What to wear on your first date’ Life as we wear it!

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