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Mount Aspiring from above

I started out writing a blog post all about my experiences on an intimate scenic flight above Wanaka and Mount Aspiring, but after flicking through my photos I decided that words aren’t really necessary – the scenery in these images do all the talking.

I live and work in Wanaka, New Zealand, and get to see such beautiful sights every day. I’m even lucky enough to be able to see Mount Aspiring from my bedroom window, but nothing really compares to seeing it from above in this way, coming in close to the majestic peak that overlooks my home.

I would like to thank our pilot Toby Hague from Wanaka Helicopters who took us up and gave us this awesome experience. If you’re ever given the opportunity to see anywhere of such beauty from above and get up close and personal with the tops of the highest mountains, say yes in a heartbeat.




A few facts about Mount Aspiring

Mt Aspiring infographic“>

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