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Shoes Off: Temples of Thailand

Buddhist temples in Thailand are far from the only places of religious worship that requires certain etiquette in terms of dress and shoe wear, but this is one make or break to your Thai trip. The weather in Thailand can be oppressively hot and very muggy–the impetus might be to wear as little clothing as decently possible. However, folks, might I remind you that this is not an all-inclusive resort for you to flaunt your sexy bits (you know I love seeing those #confidence posts and how much you love your body and I promise there is no shame in any game… at the right time and place [a temple in Thailand is not that time and place]). Now that we have that cleared up… let’s move forward into the gilded unknown that is the temples of Thailand:
  1. Temple grounds are known as wat. Sometimes, this is a fenced off area, but sometimes not. Don’t worry, it will be obvious. It is important to abide by the dress code here, but you can leave your shoes on.
  2. Once you are inside the temple–shoes off, folks! There are designated areas for you to leave your kicks outside, usually on the steps leading into the temple. Honestly, anyone who is visiting a place of worship probably isn’t all giddy to take your smelly sneaks, but if you are truly freaked out, take your $2 Old Navy flip-flops and save the Manolo Blahniks for your delicious Thai dinner. (Who’s bringing $900 shoes to Thailand? Idk. But you do you, you awesome traveler #travelinstyle.)
  3. But, but, but I CAN’T EVEN y’all. I neeeeeeed to wear a tank top to show off my toned arms for that mountaintop shot. Cool story, bro–luckily, bring an over-sized scarf. This will be your travel companion for life! It works great as a blanket on chilly airplanes or over-zealously air conditioned train rides (if you find one of these in Thailand, you are #winning), it is a quick and easy towel for drying off after a dip in the pool or the ocean, and it helps you cover your bases for looking fab + being respectful in temples. Look at me rocking mine below:


That’s it, folks! Thanks for celebrating my 5 year anniversary of my trip to Thailand. Make sure to follow along on Instagram as I share photos and memories throughout the day! Where have you traveled that required a certain dress code? Let me know on Twitter!

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