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Here you’ll find our favourite bars to hang out in with friends, to get exquisitely made cocktails and while away the evening with friendly bar staff (not all of them mind you) and (almost) free-flowing drinks. We let you in on the secret of the most amazing tiny French wine bar in central London that is somehow hidden from the general tourist public but is a haven to the theatre crowd and us locals. We guide you to the bar that most Londoners can’t find – behind an unmarked doorway in Chinatown. And if you catch London on a sunny day, we know where you should be spending it in the company of a tasty bottle of wine and cheese boards.

Here is what we recommend:  

Experimental Cocktail Club
A hidden doorway in Chinatown leads you upstairs to a dark interior bar with expertly made cocktails. Sit back and enjoy feeling smug that you found the bar at all while the hoi polloi wander around downstairs outside in the rain and cold.

Le Beaujolais
The locals’ favourite hidden gem in tourist central, Leicester Square. Make sure to order the Croque Monsieur, lamb chops or beef cheek if they have it on the ever-changing daily menu and make friends with the (all French) bar staff. The restaurant downstairs is members only but the bar upstairs is way more fun.

Greek wine and Spanish tapas, the perfect combo

Greek wine and Spanish tapas, the perfect combo

214 Gin Bar Downstairs at Antico, Bermondsey St.
Come for the large gins (doubles are standard which is a nice change in London) from an extensive gin menu and their talented mixologists. Grab dinner in the restaurant upstairs to line the stomach before securing a corner of the bar for you and friends for the rest of the evening and enjoy the drinks and tunes.

Gordon’s Wine Bar
Popular spot for working Londoners to congregate in this busy bar that has outdoor (heated) seating all year round. Line your bellies with tasty sharing platters and if you’re lucky to get some rare London sunshine, sneak your food and drink into the park alongside (don’t worry, everyone else is doing it too).

Bar Tozino, Maltby St.
Tucked away in Maltby Street, come for the fun atmosphere surrounded by Spanish patrons and staff (so you know it must be good). Great for when you’re not yet ready to leave Maltby St Market just yet (which shuts its stalls down around 4pm when the food runs out).

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top 5 fun bars for groups in london

Downloadable infographic of the Top 5 Bars for Groups in London

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