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#TravelSkills: Food, Wine & Travel (what more could you ask for)


Some Twitter Chats we take part in involve lots of ongoing side conversation and related topics, and when we blog about them, we have plenty to say in our commentary. However, sometimes the information coming out of these chats is just too valuable not to share succinctly and clearly.

This is one such chat – all about Food, Wine and Travel. There are so many excellent recommendations and tantalising accompanying pics that I’ll let the content do the talking. Enjoy and let me know in the comments where you’ve decided to go since they will no doubt inspire your next holiday!

#TravelSkills chat was hosted by @cjmcginnis & @JohnnyJet with the help of sponsors @VikingRiver.

1st Question 300px x 100px

Favourite food destination(s) in the world?

Answers poured in covering all participants’ favourite destinations including: Mexico City, Paris, Lyon, Italy, NYC, Peru, Portugal, New Orleans, Honolulu, Singapore, Tokyo, Greece, Thailand, Morocco

Here are some of their legit reasons below:

@HCTravels: “Paris…for wine & patisseries. NYC…for anything you can think of. Italy…because, well, Italy”

@micheleherrmann: “Italy. Pizza, pasta, gelato, roast chicken, fish, Bocci.”

And some expert Travel Tips from the chat creators who know their stuff:

@JohnnyJet: “TIP Only eat at street vendors that have long lines w/ a mix of locals and expats so you know they’re good & safe”


@cjmcginnis: TIP Eat in neighborhoods, not central city, for to learn how locals eat



@theplanetd: Greece, Italy, Thailand, Morocco


2nd Question 300px x 100px

Best wine region in the world?

So many wine regions were named from whole countries, to valleys to specific vineyards:

@Rebecca_Dolan: “At the moment my favorite wines come from the WIlamette Valley and anywhere in Argentina.”

@VisitCatalonia: “Wine is Catalonia‘s DNA!”

@KatieStanwyck: “Mine’s Mendoza, Argentina’s wine region. I spent so much time there and probably could have stayed longer.” (Totally agree with you!)

@TBarnthouse: “Tuscany. Absolutely no other comparison!”

We all also extolled the virtues of French wine (all the regions), Spanish, Lebanese, Greek, Californian and Croatian wine – this group could have gone on forever on their favourite wines 🙂

3rd Question 300px x 100px

Is eating regional cuisine important to you when traveling?

@GabeSaglie: “Push for local cuisine also evident on many area #wine lists, which showcase regional labels more effectively these days”

@JPVMURPHY: “It’s everything when traveling! How else do you get a local experience?”

And a handy travel tip for you:

@cjmcginnis: “TIP Find a guide or local food blogger to walk you through a local food market

I’m definitely using this one next time I travel – the produce markets are a wealth of great food, ingredients and they are connected to (and invested in) all the local restaurants!

4th Question 300px x 100px

Have you ever done a food tour? If not, would you?

@LandLopers: “1st thing I do when researching a new place is to see if there’s a food tour available.History, Culture & Food in 1 tour

And when pressed to provide more details, we weren’t disappointed! “Many, my favorite kind of tour. Strongly recommend @EatingEurope esp in London”

@TravelLatte: “Closest we’ve come is visit an agritourismo in #Italy for a locally sourced lunch – so fresh”

@Concierge_99: “@GranadaTapaTour is great one here in #Granada. Going out centres around quality of the free tapas w/each drink”

To which @GranadaTapaTour helpfully replied: “Exactly @Concierge_99 Looking for bars w/ a story, a great wine, fine tapas, we take all these factors into account”.


@theplanetd: “We’ve done many! This was our first food tour in Rome @RomeFoodTours”


@justfranceparis: “@ContextParis offers the most wonderful culinary walks! We always enjoy their docents. #sayFromage”

Some fabulous recommendations right there for international food tours: Rome Food Tours (aka Eating Italy) & @ContextParis. Will look into them right away!

5th Question blog graphic 300 x 100

Best way to find local food when you’re traveling?

@travelswill: “Wander far away from hotels and tourist areas, get lost, turn left and discover fabulous local restaurants.”

@JohnnyJet: “If I don’t have a local guide I always ask friends or family. Facebook is a great tool for discovering food.”

@AL_NorCal: “Ask locals, bar tenders, uber/lyft drivers. Best way to eat, drink, & play local is to ask a local”

@Lets_CrossOver: “Ask a local, tour guide or your hotel. They’ll know where to go!”


@VikingRiver: We offer guests the opportunity to source fresh ingredients with our chefs!


@peregrine_spirit: What better way to find the best local food than by asking a local? That’s why we use local guides.

To all of you who mention ‘ask a local’ and ‘talk to a local tour guide’ then we completely agree with you – but the key is enabling a way to do this more easily and automatically. I’d love to ask a local when I’m a guest in their town but I’d be too shy to just ask anyone – now if I could just do that online, I’d be golden 🙂

6th Question blog graphic 300 x 100

Most unexpected place you’ve found amazing food?

Some great referrals here to try next time you’re in Copenhagen (in particular Geist Restaurant), Lisbon (head for Mercado da Ribeira) or the entire culinary scene in Mumbai!


@YourLocalCousin: “Mumbai’s culinary scene is HOT right now! Unexpectedly @awesome @Spiceklub”


@FSLisbon: “Mercado da Ribeira,a former food market w/new concept featuring some of Lisbon’s finest restaurants”


@pepepopotravel: “Copenhagen. Geist Restaurant. Super – served a cotton candy back with expresso.”

7th Question blog graphic 300 x 100

Would you book a cruise based on its restaurant and menu options?

@paigesandhu: “hell yeah, if I’m on a moving island, then I’ll definitely need some great food! Looks like @vikingriver is the way to go”

I totally agree. I’ve never considered a cruise before but river cruise has a totally different ring to it – maybe not so ‘stuck on a moving island’ after all!


@LaCarteMag: “Would love a cruise with stops pegged specifically to foodie wonders and on-ship experiences…” mmmm, great idea

8th Question blog graphic 300 x 100 (1)

Best meal you ever had while traveling? With whom?

@DorothyCrouch: “So many, choosing one is impossible. Piadina in NYC and Bouchon in Napa with childhood friends and husband.”

@GMcNMDs: “the Fettuccine nere al tartufo I enjoyed w/ my husband and son in Civita, Italy. BEST. MEAL. EVER”


Ok, that decides what I’ll be eating next time in those areas!


@BPackersguide: This coconut curry in #Cambodia while visiting #AngkorWat was amazing 🙂


@boomergirl50: Good ques. LOVED the fresh fish fry we had on the French River in Ontario, Canada

9th Question blog graphic 300 x 100

You’re in Southern France for a week: What do you want to eat every day?

Let’s let the images do the talking here:


@findinganeish: “Gelato”


@azamaravoyages: “Salade niçoise, bouillabaisse, croissants, and rose wine”


@mrscotteddy: “I was just in Southern France last week, I could eat oysters and champagne for a week easily.”


@LindaKissam: “Dry rose, fromage and ANY French dessert is the key to culinary bliss in SUD”

10th Question blog graphic 300 x 100

Most picturesque spot you’ve ever had a meal? Share a photo!


@rach_journalist: “Joining the crowds eating and drinking under the cherry blossoms in #Tokyo #Japan!”


@GoEatGive: “Our view of a volcano in #purtovaras #chile”


@wheresshellyii: “Had great seafood at this lil seaside cafe in Buzios, Brazil accompanied with some chillout music”

You’ll be mad not to be running straight out the door for a lovely bottle of wine now with some of the cuisine mentioned above. These chats always make me hungry 🙂 But inspired too!

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