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Twitter Interview with London’s Personal Stylist


In our business, (i.e, the business of bringing travelling visitors and expert locals together), we get to meet the most interesting, talented and fun people. Case in point: Chantelle, personal stylist to London’s (now) best dressed. Chantelle, using her handle @CZnideric, and I, using handle @Concierge_99, had a chat over Twitter where I got to ask her all sorts of probing questions about her life and work and in return heard so much about the business of Personal Styling in London…and remember: all questions and answers within a 140 character limit!

With nine years of experience, she certainly knows what she’s doing – you’re going to want to read this and book a session with her immediately afterwards. You too could be among the best dressed in London! 😀


First a little blurb in Chantelle’s own words:

As an award-winning personal stylist renowned for her creative flair, Chantelle’s sole objective is to enhance her clients’ individuality as well as increase their confidence and inspire self-belief by advising on key styles, suitable colours and wearable trends, ultimately achieving an exceptional outcome to discover the best-ever versions of themselves beyond their highest expectations.

Her international clients are discerning individuals ranging from busy mums and entrepreneurs to corporate professionals and high profile individuals with super busy lifestyles.

Chantelle’s fun yet relaxed approach aims to take the stress away from shopping for those unique key pieces or that effortlessly stylish capsule wardrobe.

Available for taster (2 hour), half day (4 hour) and full day (6 hour) sessions. By appointment only.


Now on to the questions:

How long have you been in the Personal Styling business?

Chantelle: I’ve been running my style consultancy now for 9 years – it seems like yesterday I took the plunge!


What’s your favourite part of Personal Styling?

Chantelle: I get huge satisfaction helping my clients create their own style and feel confident. Love that each day is varied not 9 to 5

Concierge99: love that idea. Everyone gets styled professionally by you but in their own unique way 🙂 Cool!

Chantelle: Absolutely! Everyone is unique and special to me.


Who are your favourite types of clients?

Chantelle: My fave types of clients have an open mind! 🙂 Men are also fun to work with and very receptive

Concierge99: They must appreciate you doing all the hard work for them while reaping all the rewards! I know I would

Chantelle: Yes!! Clients love the personal shopping and styling experiences!


Do you have any unusual skills when it comes to Personal Styling?

Chantelle: I’ve got a great ability to understand my clients’ objectives quickly and enhance their uniqueness through style


What’s the most interesting job you have taken?

Chantelle: Too many to list! Been many surreal experiences; I’ve had to pinch myself sometimes to bring me back to reality.

Concierge99: You have really piqued my interest!! Sounds like great fun whatever/whoever they were!

Chantelle: Sometimes I get some bizarre requests but it’s part of the job… To accommodate different style dilemmas


Some people are more in need of Chantelle’s styling services than others

Sum up yourself in 100 characters.

Chantelle: Hmm tough.. my husband says: quietly confident, happy go lucky, lives for the day and stylish (of course!) 🙂

I like to think I’m pretty laid back and easy going.


Do you have any advice for people looking to enter the business?

Chantelle: Be prepared for hard work – it’s not all about shopping, shopping, shopping. Listening to clients is key!

Being flexible and accommodating clients is important


What’s the best advice or tip you ever received on Personal Styling?

Chantelle: Be yourself! Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you 🙂

**Trust your own judgement too! Don’t get talked into things you’re uncomfortable with**

I’ve definitely learned this over time!

[C99: Just my little comment here on the above answer – I just think it’s so important that a stylist recognises that everyone has their own style and they are not there to change it for you, but help you buy clothing that suits you and your personal style. Obviously Chantelle gets it!]


What makes you the best Personal Stylist in town?

Chantelle: It’s about being real, honest and relevant. Clients can relate to me. There’s a stylist out there for everyone!

Every stylist has a different approach, personality and style


So how did you get into Personal Styling in the first place?

Chantelle: 10 yrs ago I started up a fashion blog, soon after I pursued my dream job and I’ve never looked back. Love it!

Concierge99: Must be great to work w/you when you so obviously love what you do! Enthusiasm for style must rub off on clients 🙂

Chantelle: Absolutely! That’s why they like coming back to me each season – to get their style fix 🙂

I also did a professional image consultancy training course to learn styling theory and build my confidence

I also run 121 training courses for aspiring stylists created from my experience/s!

[C99: Best idea ever! I am so signing up for that course with her!]


Chantelle also works with men to revamp their wardrobes

What has changed in Personal Styling in the last few years?

Chantelle: Def more personal stylists on the scene! It’s perceived a dream job so I guess people are living the dream.

It’s a fab career that can be flexible, works around my family 2! Got 2 young daughters that also keep me busy..

[C99: I am so jealous of those 2 young girls getting to be forever the best-dressed in their school!]


As an expert in the field, what do you think is going to change in Personal Styling in the next few years?

Chantelle: Every1’s trying to claim an online space – I think VR will have a big part to play in how p_styling is conducted

VR = virtual reality

Watch this space! 🙂


So we focus on people travelling to various places, so what makes your service ideal for a traveller to London?

Chantelle: Many clients live overseas; I know London & the best stores. My p_shopping service is efficient and saves time

Concierge99: Yes, good point. Don’t want to waste a short holiday in London traipsing around shops w/o finding anything!

Chantelle: Also London is such a diverse place to shop with lots of choice, and fashion/style influences!


Eek last Q already! This one for fun: Stranded on a desert island – what 3 objects would you take with you?

Chantelle: Oh no!.. Hmm, my husband and two daughters – there’s no doubt they fulfil me with love, happiness and laughter.

Concierge99: Best answer to that question I think that exists <3

Chantelle: Ha!!! Couldn’t live without them! 🙂 can’t believe this is nearly over…


…and then it WAS over 🙁

I loved hearing all about the world of Personal Styling in London – it must be a fascinating and fun industry to work in, constantly shifting and bringing interesting people into your life. Thank you so much to Chantelle for being such a lovely conversationalist!

[Shameless plug time] Now that you’ve heard what wonders she can work on your wardrobe, I demand you head over to her Concierge99 page and book her now!

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