Shree Himalaya Primary School

Amongst free ranging chickens and worn down shelters lies Shree Himalaya, a small public school. It is raining as I´m walking up the muddy path to the school ground. At first only dogs and birds can been seen, but as I get closer curious faces starts peeking out from window´s and doors.

It is a different world from the privat school. The classroom´s only materials is hard wooden benches and leftovers from construction work. The walls are filled with printed symbols, smothered over with dirt.

Shree Himalaya Primary SchoolI feel challenged teaching over 40 children, raging from 3 to 14 years of age, no english skills, packed together in a tiny room, high on adrenaline. It lightens the pressure to have with me my two beautiful co workers from Chimalaya Charity. In true nepalese tradition the warmth and laughter from children and teacher soon wipe away the knot I feel in my stomach. They are excited that I´m here. I am exited that I´m here.

DSC_0591They fill up the room, squeeing in closely together. Giggling. Asha is translating. I try to keep my language simple, using the Nepali words Asha gives me. If there was any shyness its soon gone, and before the first 10 minutes have passed I have a que of eager children wanting to place the pictures of food items in its right box.

DSC_0604 (3)When lunch time is closing up on us, I take the children out to play. The staff and teachers is helping cutting up fruits and vegetables. Today we are serving the lunch. Often the children have no lunch with them, only eating whatever the teacher´s empathically shares from their own food. We are handing out muesli with curd and fruits, carrots, banana and apples. For the first time today, the room goes silent. Never underestimate the power of food.


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